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So, you found me…YAY!!!  My name is Cheryl Lynn Looker and nothing makes me happier than sharing my art with others. Okay, making the art is right up there with it but what good is it to make art if I don’t share it? I believe that each of us are given gifts and what we are given we are to share.

I paint a lot of different mediums and on different substrates.  Encaustic, acrylic, oil, watercolor, oil and cold wax, alcohol inks, graphite and colored pencils. The joke among my friends and I is that if it doesn’t move, I paint it…which is kinda, sort of true since I painted my last poodle, once. I did learn that watercolor paint does not go on white poodle hair as easily as one might think and it definitely does NOT come out as easily either. I had painted him red, white and blue for the 4th of July and he ended up being pink through Labor Day. The little guy really didn’t care as he was in touch with his feminine side and I learned that I needed to go back to watercolor paper. Lesson learned.

When reading books on art we are told as artists to use one medium and one subject and just do that. Boring!!!  I paint what I feel and what I hear that I am suppose to paint. This might freak you out a little if you do not believe in a higher power and the ability to tap  in to it but I do and feel blessed that I have the ability to do this. That is one reason I like to do my abstracts. First, they are harder to do as there is no beginning and no end and the whole painting, to me, is an intuitive piece of artwork that is being guided by a higher power.

That being said, it is also good for me to keep one foot planted on the ground so I do like to incorporate realism into my work and I also paint and draw full pieces of realism. I guess you could say that I just love to paint and draw. So in the big picture we like to call life… just remember:

“Life is a canvas so throw as much paint on it as you can!”

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